MyTHDHR is The Home Depot’s employee site where you can see your hourly work schedule and apply for it. Along with store jobs, this list also includes management jobs, business jobs, and jobs outside of the store. There are many areas on the official online site where you can find and check out important job information.

The MyTHDHR Login website also has a number of areas where you can look over and get to information about your job. On the Home Depot website, employees can see their paystubs, get business news and plans, and see their schedules.

With more than 4,000,000 users, this site helps both the company and the workers. Through their MyTHDHR Login site, MyTHDHR gives workers a way to handle everything. The online platform makes it easy to keep track of your work. Large companies are increasingly trying to cut down on the number of people they hire. 

Having an online presence makes things easy for people to find. An example of this kind of place is MyTHDHR, which is an online office. It has all the information about an employee that is stored in the background. People who work at Home Depot should see it right away.

MyTHDHR Portal Login Guide

You can easily get to MyTHDHR from the Home Depot website. We’ve put together a full guide to help you with the entry process. To log in, do the things below:

  • Start by going to, which is the official login page.
  • You’ll be taken to the home page. There are several choices on the screen. You will get something out of these while you are working.
  • Click on the link that says “Self Service.”
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the self-service page to find a link to the present employee’s login. Click on that link to go to the login page.
  • Now, go to the self-service login page and type in your account and password.
  • In the appropriate box, you must also enter the Store ID.
  • After making sure of all the information, you can now click on the “Login” button.

After successfully logging in, you’ll be taken to the tools page, where you can use all of the portal’s services. You can see and change some details about your friend through the Self Service app. Every month, you should use Self Service to make sure that your address and other personal information are correct. This way, Home Depot can keep in touch with you about things like taxes, benefits, and more.

Former Employee MyTHDHR Login Procedure

Even if you used to work at Home Depot, you can still use the site. In the same way, an employee who is on leave can use the following ways to get to the site. Here are the steps you need to take to get to the portal:

  • The main webpage can be found at
  • On the home page, click the link that says “self-service” on the left.
  • Click the link at the bottom to go to the self-service page for past workers.

Now a new tab will appear where you can enter your Last Name, Date of Birth, the last six (6) numbers of your Social Security or Social Insurance Number, and the captcha code. On the last step, click “Continue to Security Validation.”

What Are The ESS Portal Features?

MyTHDHR is a web platform that employees of The Home Depot can use to get to their accounts. Through this channel, you can do a lot of different things, such as

  • When you use this site, it’s easy to see and share your tax and pay records.
  • When people log in to the site, they can change how much tax is withheld.
  • Users can change their home addresses and direct payment information through the site.
  • Employees of The Home Depot can easily get high-quality medical care by using their medical insurance perks.
  • On top of that, you can get life insurance, health insurance, and dental insurance on the official website.
  • MyTHDHR also gives its workers eye insurance and unintentional death and injury insurance.
  • Because you work for the company, you can get a 15% discount on shares when you buy them.
  • There are also employee stock investing plans on the site that let workers put money into the business.

With this tool, you can look over the project’s outline text. 

Detailed Guide On MyTHDHR Login Portal Benefits

Through the formal site, you can get a number of perks. There are many good things about the site. Here are some of the most popular perks that can be found on the site. 

Worker Self Service

This function can be used to do a number of things connected to your employee and job. The people who work at House Depot are praised for their dedication. Home Depot gives its workers a lot of perks and programs to help them have a better life and job. This perk package is available to people who work at Residence Depot. That’s right, you can use this perk whether you work full-time or part-time. Because Home Depot wants to show how much they value their employees, they have made a webpage where you can see the perks they offer. To get to it, go to 

Health and Medical benefits

As people age, their bodies become weaker. The worker is one of the company’s most important properties. Everyone who works for the company wants to be healthy. The people who use them get health benefits from them. Free trips to the dentist and eye doctor are offered. People who work for companies that have special needs can get extra insurance. Their shops give all of their workers life insurance as a perk. You and your family can also get insurance against death and injury. This will keep you from getting hurt or having an accident.

Financial Benefits

Home Depot gives its workers a lot of financial perks, such as FutureBuilder 401(k) Plans that help them plan for their future finances. You also get an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). Direct Deposit and Bank Incentives are options for your job. Because of this, it’s easy to make payments and do business.

Tuition reimbursements

Home Depot doesn’t want to stop you from moving up in your job. Young employees can get their education paid for by the company. That person can use this tool if they are in college or taking a course while working. Home Depot has teamed up with a number of neighborhood organizations to help their workers. 

Permanent employees

People who have jobs or are regular residents will get the most out of this. For instance, they might be able to get clinical benefits that cover things like teeth, eye, and clinical issues. They can also get insurance for things like disability, loss of limb, accidental death, and more. 

Pay and Taxes

No one wants to cheat the government. It might be hard for you to handle your salary and taxes. If people could have their tax forms filed immediately, it would be very helpful for everyone.

The work that people at Home Depot do is simple. You can file your taxes online with MyTHDHR. The site also lets users handle their funds. Your money will be sent to you by email. It lowers the chance of making mistakes in paperwork. A big chain like Home Depot has no reason to make it hard for their workers to pay their bills. 

Life and Work Conveniences

The people who work at House Depot can make their lives and jobs better. Residence Depot helps them by offering services like tax preparation, life insurance, an employee discount program, a program to help people quit smoking, a partner discount, education repayment, volunteer events, a matching gift program, and backup care for dependents. 

MyTHDHR Login Issues And Their Solutions

If you have any issues getting in to the site, like an incorrect username or password, please follow the steps below to fix them. 

Retrieve User ID

It’s easy to get your account User ID back if you forget it. Just follow these steps: 

  • Visit and go to the page where you can log in.
  • You can now forget your password or login.
  • After that, you will be given information, such as your full name, date of birth, and employee ID number, and asked a few questions.
  • Once you’re sure you have all the right information, click the “Submit” button.
  • You may need to talk to your HR boss or customer service if you can’t find the “forget username” button. 

Reset Password

  • MyTHDHR’s main page can be found at
  • Click on “Kronos time, attendance, and schedule.”
  • Then click on the link that says “Forgot your password/username?”
  • Choose Forgot Password from the drop-down box.
  • To get to MyTHDHR employee self-service, you need to enter your username or an email address that is linked to the site.
  • After that, click “Submit” to get rid of reCaptcha.
  • You will get an email with a link to change your password at the email address you used to sign up.
  • Click the link and make a new password. 

About Home Depot

The Home Depot is one of the biggest and most well-known home repair stores. They have been offering the best service in the business for 42 years. Since at least 1978, people like Richard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Jenneth Langone, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah have been working together to build the Home Depot. Homeowners and workers all over the United States can get the best tools, goods, and services at The Home Depot. 

There are now more than 2,000 House Depot shops in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. To run hundreds of chains, House Depot needs to hire more than 400,000 people. Just think about how hard it must be to handle this many people.

The site for House Depot employees is called MyTHDHR because of this. This store’s main goal is to sell things that can help you improve your home. You can choose from a lot of different building supplies, home appliances, outdoor items, tools, paint, and floors. 

Closing Remarks

The web site gives workers of Home Depot safe access to their accounts. It has a lot of advantages. Employees can try out different features with full access on these kinds of platforms, which makes them great for their work.

As soon as you get hired by Home Depot, you need to make a MyTHDHR Login account. After that, you can go to the House Depot Employee Self Service site. If you are having trouble signing up for this site, you can ask someone in Human Resources for help. 

MyTHDHR is the company website that only employees of The Home Depot can view. It helps the company’s HR operations in every way. You can use this service whether you are an employee now or have been an employee in the past. There are all the answers you need in this book. We made it much easier for workers of The Home Depot to get in by giving them a thorough login guide and list of requirements. You should be able to get the help you need from it.